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                                  Cantave Studio Highlights
" Cantave signature for us please" Pearl Manor College students asked after a presentation by Joseph. Chesnut Hill MA Oct2005
"Lisa and Jeremy". Local Haverhill MA college students at the studio. They declared to be in love with Haitian Art forevermore. November2005.
Sophmore student Christine requested an autograph at Pearl Manor college. She swore o have seen "Black Orpheus" in a dream.  Chesnut Hill MA early 2006.
Bass player John and Joseph Framingham Art Center November 2006.
Haitian Nurses RPN Nadelette and Bernadette visiting Cantave Studio to create their own Haitian art collection. DEcember 2006.

Joseph with Haitian beauty Beatrice Flander, she is a supporter and helper of Cantave Studio.  Port au Prince Haiti 2007.

Alicia 90 years old and Almazar at a Cantave Studio Art Show 2003. They told me they would not miss it for the world.
Joseph at work and Laura Mahoney on Bear Island NH.
Joseph and Fritz Merise. Port au Prince Haiti 2007
Joseph and Kens Cassagnol. Port au Prince Haiti 2007.
Joseph and Woodley Nelson. Port au Prince Haiti 2007.
Raymond Lafaille and Joseph December2004.
Dieudonne Cedor and me November2003. Port au Prince Haiti.
Raymond Joseph and Joseph Port au Prince Haiti 2003.
Rene Haspil and Raymond Lafaille Haiti 2007.
Maya and Greg, fresh out of high school Framingham Ma 2009.  This is the new generation of collectors that will carry Haitian art to the future Take notice dear promoteurs.
Professor Jonathan Cheek, his daughter Haley holding a commissioned painting and the artist Joseph Cantave at Margo's Gallery March 2009 
Sarah with her new Cantave, Margo and Joseph at Margo's Gallery 2009 
 Haitian art Lover Beth Moore with Joseph, Fort Myers Beach, Fl. 2009.