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       Joseph Cantave was born in Haiti on September 11, 1963. His work is popular in New England, where he currently resides and works. Joseph apprenticed with the popular Italian Painter Anthony Gillepsi from 1983 to 1985. (Gillepsi is now the chairman of the painting department at the Museum of Fine Art School in Boston) and as a result, he developed a technically sophisticated impressionistic style, blending pigments to create colors that are multidimensional. He chooses to work with oils, rather than the acrylics favored by many of the artists today. Definitely, Cantave's work reflects his rich Haitian historical heritage and his colorful background, which are deeply rooted in African, Aboriginal Arakawa Indians, and old French ways of life. In today's technical time, it is both refreshing and satisfying to contemplate Cantave's enchanting and spiritually based art. From the very beginning of Joseph's artistic pursuit, art has been a poetic statement in reaction to his experience of a Haitian life. The paintings are born of his own introspective journey spanning a life full of pain and tragedy as well as great joy and beauty. He considers the act of painting a poetic statement in which he finds partial relief and peace from personal anguish in his difficult life. Since his creativity compels him to explore different styles, Mr. Cantave's oeuvre is divided into three categories: Landscape Series little vacations to which the artist often escapes Nymphs Series a tribute to the golden age past About Face Series the artist calls this visible spirits At first glance one might have the impression that Joseph Cantave's work is naive, or primitive, but on lengthier examination, the lack of university training becomes a positive. It removes certain self imposed barriers between the artist and his ability to express himself. As he states, while his subject matter and the appearance might be naive, his approach to painting is from a higher degree of consciousness. In addition, he uses Chevreul's science and theories of color (simultaneous contrast)*. His work can be found in art galleries  as well as private collections all over the United States. In addition, his work is also in many private collections in Canada, the Dominican Republic, Germany, Hong Kong, England, France, Haiti, Italy, Panama, Puerto Rico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Switzerland, and Thailand.